Huwebes, Enero 24, 2013

and The NEW World Heavyweight Champion...

since i was a kid im a hardcore wrestling fan
syempre i dream of being a wrestler (as if)
obviously that can't be true but atleast with 
my art skills, friends given materials i can
make a championship belt haha
and what you see is what you get im THE NEW
World Heavyweight Champion :D LOL

background belongs to:
Unchained WWE.Com

Thanks to Jade Fabico 
for giving me materials.

Hi (Colored)

and so the long count is not true :D
nakulayan ko ang drawing nato, but due
to the lack of time medyo tinamad din ako dito.

o well it is what it is, Hi daw :D

Hi (Lineart)

late post, obviously it's my last drawing if the Mayans were right. :D

Cris Caricature

just a request art :D

Miyerkules, Enero 16, 2013

Jabbawockeez at Trinoma 2013 Videos

Jabbawockeez @ Trinoma(Day 1)

 Gangnam style?

Jabbawockeez and SuperCr3w

the revealing part


Jabbawockeez @ Ayala Malls 2013

All male, hip-hop dance group and America’s Best Dance Crew first season champ JABBAWOCKEEZ is coming back to Manila to perform series of shows together with SUPER CREW live at the AYALA MALLS

Jabbawockeez Tour Dates and Venues:
TriNoma - January 16, 2013 – 7:00 PM at the Mindanao Open Parking. Ticket Mechanics at Trinoma
Market Market – January 17, 2013 – 6:30 PM
Glorietta - January 18, 2013 – 6:30 PM
Alabang Town Center - January 19, 2013- 6:00 PM
Abreeza Mall – January 20, 2013 – 5PM

More info at

Lunes, Enero 14, 2013

The Daily Survey


okey yet again, use my boredome to create something awesome(not really)
im just playin with words, well im a fan/listener of the daily survey
like what i did to WILD N WICKED 

i did another layout para naka sipsip (not really)na,
nakagawa pa ng art (well im just playing photoshop)
i might pimp my porfolio as well.

di ako masyadong nagandahan sa layout ko dito,
and sadly im having hard time choosing and getting picture
this is how to annoy a graphic artist (playing with a lowres photo)

THE HECK! why im talkin about myself.

just tuned in guys, me lovin this duo.
they makin my boring afternoon into something great. :D

Linggo, Enero 13, 2013

Quick Fix with Alven and Jinri

okay, once again i wanna sipsip(haha) / wanna make layout(pang porfolio rin yan)
like what i did for WILD n WICKED here
i made one for Rx 93.1/Monster Radio's 
Quick Fix with Alven and Jinri.

why i enjoy the show? well why not? im a big fan or RX since way back,
and who doesn't love Ms. Jinri park? (hello im a silent Jinja)

and oh whenever i hear this duo the thing that pop's my mind is MALAPIT NA UWIAN :D

i listen to them on my way home, tapos Wild and Wicked nice combo.
and since im enjoying i might do other layout for other DJ as well.

Huwebes, Enero 10, 2013

NSB Casuals: Dan's bday bash (part1)

 Naruto Accel 2: NSB Jade-kun - Sasori vs. NSB Dan - 3rd 

Naruto Accel 2: NSB Jade-kun - Shikamaru S vs. NSB Dan - Tenten 

Naruto Accel 2: NSB Jade-kun - Chiyo vs. NSB Teardrop - Shikamaru  

 Naruto Accel 2: NSB Jade-kun - Deidara vs. NSB Teardrop - Kiba 


Naruto Accel 2: NSB Jade-kun - Kakashi vs. NSB Teardrop - Kankuro S

Wild and Wicked: Hazel and Karen

i listen to them almost everynight, wala lang i just thought of making some art for them,
i might do something for other DJ's as well i love Monster Radio RX 93.1 

listen to the Wild and Wicked girls every night :D