Miyerkules, Hunyo 29, 2016

Buwis Buhay Videography

Yep that's me ridding a moving motorcyle while taking some clips
of a moving wedding car,

Photographer: Roel Exconde
Edits: Me



the concentration of attention or energy on something - https://www.vocabulary.com/

* Self-timer / 1.9 fuji lens / Canon 500D / PS CS6

Alexandra Abdon City Of Manila

my Friend representing the City of Manila

What you Lookin at?

Vianka's Smile


Prowess (prow·ess)
- skill or expertise in a particular activity or field

Snaps End of Summer Funshoot BTS

Behind the scenes of my Crew SNAPS
in our END OF SUMMER Indoor / Swimming funshoot

Kabayan / Kababayan

Filipino Muffins

Extreme Close up

Close up? No problem using Reverse lens 

Civil War

Weapon of choice: Samsung Corby II camera
Editing tools: Photoshop CS4 Portable

Larong bata

im not so sure kung na post ko na bato sa mga last entry ko pero i have time today
so i did post it, i do hope hindi sya naulit :-) enjoy
*no descriptions