Sabado, Oktubre 3, 2015

Manila Street Love

Instead of having normal birthday and spending money like there's no tommorow
Ms. Diana Dayao set a birthday with a special purpose, gathering sponsors
So that in her special day she can give back to less fortunate,
When I saw her post in fb that she needed someone
who can document that event
How can I say no? She’s an angel in disguise.
Plus I’m more than happy to be part of this. 


Sipag :-)

Meeting people, shaking hands with them, giving them something means alot to them.

suot ang binigay na damit :D magagamit daw dahil basa ang kanyang mga damit.


ngiting wagas :-)

ung maging part nito kahit maliit lang, malaking bagay na sakin.

To the ‪#‎ManilaStreetLove‬ team, BIG THANKS! 
Knowa Lazarus 
Shibuya Wolf
David Kullman
Dion James Martin
Teardrop and Khristian of SNAPS photography