Martes, Hulyo 28, 2015

Cosplay Funshoot 71915

It's not really just Naruto cosplayers, they actually have alot
that day but sadly i don't have any clue about the other characters
anyways so since i know Naruto and their powers i tried my very
best to take good angles and edit them well. 

Photography + Phomanipulations = TeardropTc art :-)

Kakashi - David Ybañez
Sarada - Kim Kayaban
* sadly i dont know the others

Huwebes, Hulyo 23, 2015

Boni 72315

i was stuck in traffic, and it was raining 
so that surely adds to the problem. 
traffic mga sasakyan, traffic din ang pila o well
i manage to capture one good picture though. 

Jonalyn & Marvin [PRE-NUP] Video "Marry Me"

Me and Pixart first pre-nup shoot and collaboration
it went well though. im proud sa kinalabasan ng video
Pixart is composed of Alby Lazo, Theo Duran, Rich Santos
and with me we are collectively known as SNAPS.

 Couple: Jonalyn Manding & Marvin Malenab

Music by: Jason Derulo "Marry Me"
Produce by: Teardrop and Rich Santos(Pixart)

Organizer: Mary Labo
Photographers: [SNAPS] Teardrop, 
[SNAPS/PIXART] Theo Duran, Alby Lazo, & Rich Santos
MUA: Arlyn Poselero

Loc: Rave Rainforest Pasig
Date: 7-12-15

Psychology that i agree

saw all of this in facebook sorry i don't have the link
i just wanna share it.

Martes, Hulyo 7, 2015

Torre De Manila Controversy

Di naman talaga ako mahilig sa uso, pero i think i will let this one pass, lately Graphic artist are doing their photomanips everywhere to show what they think about Torre de Manila, i made two manips: 

one is a bit brutal and unreal, while artist can summon any superheroes or monster they know that can destroy that tower, my take features an air strike syempre brutal un (who does want that in real life) maraming madadamay, malaking gulo aabot sa buong mundo ang balita, i se-share sa fb, i ba-bash ng marami, pag uusapan tayo ng buong daigdig EXAGGERATED! 
samantalang nantitrip lang naman talaga(shoot i need to explain that ish)

syempre the other one is a positive, obviously nakatayo na ang tower na yun, photobomber man or what, Time, money and efforts was spent there, pwedeng ipatigil, pwedeng ipahito pero anjan na yan so wag na magsisihan solusyunan nalang. My positive take is an idea i saw one doing a flag, and what i did is a photomosaic of Rizal himself, we can make it something like a world record thingy para magkaroon pa lalo ng silbi, pag usapan ng mundo maging positive pa lalo anyways it's just an idea.

ano mas trip nyo?

anyways: that mosaic is here:

and the other pictures i used in my first take below: (sorry no likes, i got it on google)



Air Strike







Rizal Park