Lunes, Marso 2, 2015

Scales Crawlers Feather & Finz Event 22815

A Pet Expo like no other. ang mga bida ay kakaibang kahayupan yes
ibang mga hayop, Reptiles, Spiders, Scopion, Bear cat, Owl,
Snakes name it everything is unique. 

Scales Crawlers Feather & Finz Event
first ever in the philippines and it was dope, daming tao
and i hope they will continue to have more events like this.

Scorpion??? yes

who's into Chinita?

Ms Danielle Jane

me with Ms DJ Danielle Jane

me with Boss Dzhire Uno

there's a new videographer in town

check the teaser below:

Scales Crawlers Feather & Finz Event (Video Teaser)
"The First Philippine Exotic Pet Expo"
Video Produced by: Boa Keepers Philippines & Footage Summit
Reinier "Dzhire" Tajan - Cinematographer , Editor & Colorist
Music by: Audio Jungle Arranged by Dzhire