Biyernes, Enero 23, 2015

Blain x Teardrop

my brotha BLAIN the emcee! is my very first photoshoot and that was classic,
finally pwede ko ng i share ang shots ko sa kanya. here:

Funshoot @ Wildlife 182014

I join a certain group of Photographes, Models, Make up artist, and up coming ones
and there i see a post inviting a funshoot in wildlife and since im near i did join, 
sadly umaambon that day pero dahil nasabi ko na napupunta ako, i keep my word
i was expecting a bunch of photographers or atleast 3 or 2 pero walang dumating
there are models bunch of teens there waiting to get there pictures taken so yon
i was the only photographer that day, di pako ganap pero im learning and i did enjoy this day.
hope to be able to help and inspire kids to try photoshoot than other nonsense stuff
and learn alot about photography.

anyways here's are my bunch of good shots.(at least for me)

models: Lieannah Benzal Arlyn Galace Poselero Charles Saquing Joanna Dacanay Clarino Roby Vela San Andres Cheska Mae Leal Bustamante

Fan page

so i created my own fan page? why do i have fans? NO
but i wanted to have a space for those shots that i will take, so they (whoever) can view their image.

hit the link and press LIKE :

Autumn Leaves - Chris Brown feat. Kendrick Lamar

"When you make mistakes the most
One day it'll make you grow
When you outlandish and you lose manners
To God you shall consult"
- Kendrick lamar (Autumn Leaves)

hell yeah Kendrick is the new king No doubt


eto pa ibang practice shots :D
ung iba tsamba



Ate Melai


Practice shots

so i've been practicing :D here's some of it


wala pa pala akong kahit anong post? haha, so one reads it anyways but hell this year my dream to be a photographer will happen, mapa professional man o amateur or whatever you wanna call it. i will chase it, i will learn, experience and enjoy every inch of it :D goodluck 2015