Lunes, Disyembre 7, 2015

50 things na natutunan ko sa photography

                            " Red " by sir Dan Fuensalida

so.... it's been a year now since i bought my first Dslr camera "RED" im not so sure kung swerte sya na sakin sya napunta o malas sya dahil matipid akong photographer.
matagal nakong mahilig mag pipipicture pero ever since i buy Red i learn alot, i take it seriously, nakaranas nako ng pre-nup, debut, birthdays, events coverage and weddings, at iba pa yung mga regular funshoots and street shoots, di pako nag ka award pero ang ma feature sa isang blog as a creative photographer ay isang malaking karangalan, anyways i list down the 50 things i learn and realized about Photography.

1. Hindi lahat nang ka DSLR ay photographer.
2. Ang DSLR ay kadalasang kwintas ng mayabang, gamit ng mayaman.
3. Hindi natatapos ang pagiging photographer sa pag pitik lang, umpisa o kalagitnaan palang ito ng proseso.
4. Maraming gustong mag photographer dahil gustong mapalapit sa chics.
5. Sa di malamang kadahilanan, nakakagwapo ang pagiging photographer.
6. Kailangan mong matutong makisalamuha sa mga kapwa mo photographer.
7. Pero wag kang dumepende lang sa knila dahil kailangan mo ring matuto mag isa.
8. Hindi DSLR ang magtuturo sayo para maging mahusay kang photographer, kungdi ang sarili mong interest.
9. Magastos na Hobby an Photography.
10. Ang photographer ay dapat ding matuto ng kahit basic modeling, or alamin ang ma do's and don't ng modeling.
11. Bawal hawakan ng Photographer ang Model.
12. May mga nag phophotography para lang makapag manyakt maka style.
13. bakit kailngan bayarang ang photographer?  Mahal ang camera, mahal ang bawat gadgets and add ons nito, madugo ang pag process ng pictures.
14. Hindi pinapakita ng photographer ang mga pangit nyang kuha, dahil inaalagaan nila ang kanilang credibility bilang isang mahusay na larangang napili.
15. Tuturuan ka ng photography na tignan ang mundo sa ibang paraan at angulo.
16. Hindi lang magandang babae ang pwedeng picturan.
17. Minsan ang pangit ay maganda.
18. Marami kang makukuhang larawan kung mag mamasid ka lang ng maige.
19. Ang magandang picture ay kayang mag kwento ng istorya o pangyayari.
20. Ang ambin at flowers ay matinding combinasyon.
21. Ang susunod mong magandang shots ay yung mga magiging shots mo palang bukas.
22. Maraming field ang photography na pwede mong pag focusan.
23. Ang photographer ay dapat marunong mag obserba at maparaan.
24. Magahanap ka ng iidolohing photographer at pag aralan m ang mga kuha nya,
25. Gayahin mo at pag butihin pa.
26. Hindi lang DSLR ang pwedeng mag produce ng magandang kuha.
27. Pag aralanng basic ng photography.
28. Wag dumepende sa add ons ng camera.
29. Pag aralano ang bawat kuha mo at dapat alam mo kung ano ang gusto mong palabasin.
30. Magbasa at manood ng video para matuto.
31. Mag practice.
32. Xdeal ay palitan ng pabor ng isang model, at photographer minsan pati make up artist, kunsaan magkakasundo sila na walang silang babayaran sa isa't isa.
33. Pag nag shoot ka ng isang model, ipaalam mo kung kelan nya makukuha ang picture nya.
34. Ang tunay na photographer ay marunong mag hintay, at may pasensya.
35. "Wala jan sa Pana, nasa Indian yan" 
36. Kadalasan pag photographer na ang kukuhaan lagi itong blurred.
37. Bokeh ang pinaka madalas maka attract ng tao para mahilig sya sa photography.
38. Pag aralan ng mga angles, mas kakaiba mas maganda.
39. Foreground, Subject, Background combo .
40. Alamin mo kung kelan ka dapat pumitik, at wag mo sasayangin ang pagkakataon.
41. Nauubos ang shutter ng DSLR.
42. Karamihan ng tao gusto mag pa picture.
43. Gamitin mo ang phtography para makapag pasaya ng tao at maka inspire.
44. Stolen Moments are the best.
45. Kabisaduhin mo ang iyong camera, kahit ano pa yan.
46. Contrast ng subject at background ay mahalaga.
47. Hindi lang landscape at portrait ang pwedeng shots, tilt your cam.
48. Photography is painting with light.
49. Wag kang mag shoot kung gusto ko lang mag pa impress.
50. Lastly ako ay isang artist who used photography as another medium to show my art.

Biyernes, Nobyembre 6, 2015

Sparks Sports/Club Grand Opening

Grand opening of SPARKS Superclub at Malate

thanks to Ms. Diana Dayao for the invite
as i bring SNAPS and friends with me,

it was nice to see them again
sir Knowa, sir Doughboy
and ngayon ko lang napanood ang Mocha girls.

I'll mind of Hopsin 7

so if you have a strong faith this song is not for you, 
pero kung lalawakan mo ang pag inawa mo, tataasan
mo ng kaunti ang antas ng kakayahan ng utak mo
maisip mo rin kaya ang mga inisip ni Hopsin?

what if walang heaven or hell?
what if theres no right or wrong?

this is not being atheist
listen to the lyrics and listen well.

so many WHAT IF'S

----------------------------------------LYRICS below: ---------------------------------------

It's us, find power
Live life, mind power
It's us, find power
Live life, mind power

Yo, fuck anybody I might alarm
Life is a tour, I sit and ride along
Taking some notes and then I write the song
I’m staring down the road my life has gone
Is this where I belong?
Is it wrong to not believe in right and wrong?
My mental state is fucking me up
And I cry the pond while asking you for some answers
But we don’t have that type of bond
That my desires gone with the way that I’ve been living lately
If I died right now, you’d turn the fire on
Sick of this bullshit, niggas call me a sellout
Cause I hopped on Christianity so strongly then I fell out
Now I’m avoiding questions like a scared dog with his tail down
Feeling so damn humiliated because they looking at me like I’m hellbound
What story should I tell now? I’ll just expose the truth
I'm so close to the fucking edge, I should be close to you
But who the fuck are You? You never showed the proof
And I’m only fucking human yo, what am I supposed to do?
There’s way too many different religions with vivid descriptions
Begging all fucking men and women to listen
I can’t even beat my dick without getting convicted
These ain’t wicked decisions, I got different intentions
I've been itching to get it, I’ve been given assistance
But the whole fucking system is twisted
Now I’m dealing with this backlash because Marcus isn't a Christian
And I’ve been told that my sinful life is an addiction
But I can’t buy it, it’s just too hard to stand beside it
I need an answer and humans can’t provide it
I look at the Earth and Sun and I can tell a genius man designed it
It’s truly mind blowing, I can’t deny it
Is heaven real? Is it fake? Is it really how I fantasize it?
Where’s the Holy Ghost at? How long’s it take a man to find it?
My mind’s a nonstop tape playing and I can’t rewind it
You gave me a Bible and expect me not to analyze it?
I’m frustrated and you provoked it
I’m not reading that motherfucking book because a human wrote it
I have a fucking brain, you should know it
You gave it to me to think to avoid every useless moment
It was a mission that I had to abort
Cause humans be lying, we're such an inaccurate source
It’s gon’ be hard to put me back on the course
Next Jehovah’s Witness to come on my porch
I swear I’m slammin’ the door
A lot of folks believe it though, but I’m not surprised
Humans are fucking dumb, still thinking that Pac’s alive
I ain’t trying to take your legacy and torch it down
I’m just saying: I ain’t heard shit from the horse’s mouth
Just sheep always telling stories of older guys
Who were notarized by you when you finally vocalized
Now I’m supposed to bow my head and close my eyes
And somehow let the Holy Ghost arise
Sounds like a fucking Poltergeist
Show yourself and then boom it's done
Every rumor’s gone, I no longer doubt this shit, you’re the One
I’ll admit that my sinful ways was stupid fun
And all my old habits can hop on top of a roof to plunge
I’ll donate to a charity that could use the funds
Fuck the club, instead of bitches I’d hang with a group of nuns
And everyone that I ran into would know what I came to do
I wouldn't take a step unless it was in the name of You
I hate the fact that I have to believe
You haven’t been chatting with me like you did Adam and Eve
And I ain’t seen no fucking talking snake unravel from trees
With an apple to eat, that shit never happens to me
I don’t know if you do or don’t exist, it is driving me crazy
Send your condolences, this is me reaching to you so don’t forget
If hell is truly your pit of fire and I get thrown in it
I’mma probably regret the fact that I ever wrote this shit
My gut feeling says it’s all fake
I hate to say it but fuck it, shit I done lost faith
This isn’t a small phase, my perspective’s all changed
My thoughts just keep picking shit apart all day
And in my mind I make perfect sense
If you aren’t real then all my prayers aren’t worth a cent
That would mean that I could just make up what my purpose is
And I could sit in church and say “fuck” in the services
Man what if Jesus was a facade?
Then that would mean the government’s god
I feel like they’ve been brainwashing us with a lot
So much that we don’t even notice that we’re stuck in the box
Man everything is “what if?”, why is it always “what if?”
Planet Earth “what if?”, the universe “what if?”
My sacrifice “what if!”, my afterlife “what if!”
Every fucking thing that deals with you is fucking suspect
I’m fucking done, I’m fucking done
This is my fucking life and I’m living it, I’m having fun
If you really care for me, prove that I need to live carefully
But I’ll be damned if I put my own pleasure aside for an afterlife that isn’t even guaranteed
We are you, and you’re us, stop playing games
My life’s all I got, and heaven is all in my brain
And when I feel I am in hell, my ideas are what get me through pain
Do as you please, and I’ll just do me
I’m a human, I’ll stay in my lane
Ill mind

It's us, find power
Live life, mind power
It's us, find power
Live life, mind power

LARONG BATA Series (part 1)

so i decided to use photography para i present ang mga lumang laro na ito. 
masarap lang balik balikan. 

why im promoting this? Why not? sa mundo ng gadgets and online games
i think kids nowadays needs to go back to this old school kinda games,
not only they will learn camaraderie, they will learn
to be sporty and move well. aba running and jumping requires alot of skills and effort. 

* some description are from wikipedia or something that i get from google.

Na enjoy mo ba ang kabataan mo? ako oo dahil sa mga larong ganito

Larong Bata Series: Tumbang Preso

"Tumbang Preso (pronounced as: tum-bahng preh-so) is a traditional Filipino children's game. The tumbang preso is still played by the more active kids today. Even adults sometimes play it too, bringing back memories of their childhood." - Wikipedia

Larong Bata Series: Luksong Baka

Loosely translated in English, as “Jump over the Cow.”, is a traditional Filipino game that originated from Bulacan, it involves a minimum of 3 players and a maximum of 10 players. It involves the players jumping over the person called the "Baka", and the main goal of the players is to successfully jump over the "Baka" without touching or falling over him/her. - Wikipedia

Larong Bata Series: Luksong Tinik

"Luksong tinik (English: "jumping over thorns") is a popular game in the Philippines. It is originated in Cabanatuan city, Philippines, played by two teams with equal numbers of players. Each team designates a leader, the nanay (mother), while the rest of the players are called anak (children). The players chosen to be nanay are usually the ones who can jump the highest. The game involves players sitting on the ground and other players jumping over parts of their body." - Wikipedia

Larong Bata Series: Ma-taya-taya

("Tag" sa Ingles)

Ito ang alituntunin. Isa ang taya. Hinahabol niya ang lahat ng hindi.Kapag
nahawakan ang ibang tao at nasabihan nang "Taya!" siya naman ang taya.
Pinakasimple ito sa mga larong kalsada. Sobrang daming takbuhan ang nasa
larong ito na imposibleng walang madapa. Kailangang sabihin ang salitang
"taya" paghawak sa ibang manlalaro kung hindi, walang bisa. Madalas sa
larong ito ay hindi titigil ang mga bata hanggang walang bumabagsak sa
sobrang pagod kahahabol.

Mayroon din itong espesyal na alituntunin. Ang isang magandang natutunan
kong alituntunin sa mataya-taya ay ang "walang balikan." Ibig sabihin, kung
sinuman ang tumaya sa iyo ay hindi mo puwedeng tayain pabalik. Ang
puwede lang muling tumaya sa kanya ay ang matataya mo, at lahat ng
susunod. Ito ay para makapahinga naman ang katatapos lang na taya. Para
tumagal ang laro, tsaka para hindi mangyari iyung "taya, taya, taya, taya,
taya, taaaa … yaaaa!" - Larong Kalye ni Relly Carpio

Larong Bata Series: Patintero

"Ang harang-taga o mas kilala sa tawag na patintero ay maaring laruin ng tatlo hanggang limang manlalaro sa bawat koponan. Kailangan munang gumuhit ng dalawa o apat na parisukat dipende sa dami ng manlalaro sa bawat koponan bago mag-umpisa ang laro. Dapat ay pantay ang bilang ng miyembro ng bawat kuponan.

Ang bawat kalahok ng isang kupunan ay tatayo sa likod ng mga linyang ginuhit. Ang taya na nakatayo sa linya sa gitna ay maaring tumawid sa mga iba pang linyang ginuhit kaya't napapadali ang pagkakataon na mahuhuli ang kalahok ng kabilang grupo.

Dapat makatawid at makabalik ang mga kalahok ng kabilang grupo na hindi nahuhuli ng tayang grupo. Kapag mayroong nakatawid at nakabalik sa kupunan na hindi nahuhuli ng mga taya ay madaragdagan ng puntos ang kanyang kupunan. Ang mga tumatakbo naman ang magiging taya kung sakaling mayroon isa sa kanila ang mahuli ng kabilang kupunan.

Ang unang kupunan na makakuha sa pinagusapang dami ng puntos ay siyang magwawagi." - Wikipedia

Larong Bata Series: Tagu-Taguan

"Taguan ay isang popular na larong pambata sa Pilipinas. Hango ito sa ingles na Hide and Seek - isang laro na kung saan ang mga manlalaro ay magtatago at ang taya ang siyang maghahanap." - wikipilipinas

Larong Bata Series: Anino

In reality wala atang tawag sa laro nato, nabuhay ako sa panahong wala pang internet at facebook, hindi kami na iistress sa bagal ng connection, o dahil natalo kami sa LOL, or COC, hindi gaya sa panahon ngayon na pag nag brownout labasan ng cellphone o gadgets agad ang mga kabataan, madalas mag brownout noon sa lugar namin, mga laro sa labas, perya, at ligo ulan na ang pinaka masasayang sandali namin, ito ang libangan namin pag umuwi na ng bahay at brownout parin, walang rules sa laro na to, walang panalo o talo, tuturuan ka nitong mag isip at makagawa ng kung ano anong hayop, imagination mo nalang ang limit, sino bang hindi gumawa ng ibong lumilipad o aso? grin emoticon - Tear

Ron & Bhel Wedding cover by SNAPS

my very first Wedding coverage
i was hired as a videographer this day by Papa Chi
Ser Ludwig Hernandez

and with SNAPS we enjoy and learn alot this day.

SNAPS: Oct 11 Behind the Scenes

isa pang what do happen in a SNAPS shoots?
eto panoorin mo nalang

"So Wonderful" - Nimbus 9
"Hoy Maganda, anong pangalan mo" - Mc Doughboy & Sam Rhansum

SNAPS: Seryoso po kami

etong video na gawa ko ay more on about the scenes
kung pano kami ka seryoso sa aming piniling propesyon
hahaha panoorin mo nalang ikaw na humusga.

Joan Superable

isa sa mga newbie models na sadyang pinagpala,
walang angulong panget :D 
magaling mag project, good looking to 
both fierce and smiling look, ang galing lang astig

glad to be able na makasama sya sa isang shoot 
in a SNAPS event.

Glydel and Joan

minsan lang mapagsama ang dalawang to sa isang shot :D achieve! nakabawi