Biyernes, Oktubre 24, 2014

Honda Layouts

a friend ask me to do a Layout for Honda, so see above. 

Sasha Gray in Taguig Manila Philippines

Sasha Grey in Manila do i need to say more?

Superhero Movies list (Marvel & DC)

it's good to be a superhero fan this days.

Infinity Wars

So near, yet so far

actually it's not done yet, i mean 
i don't wanna post it yet, im still waiting for the upcoming movies
from marvel, and im waiting for the reboot fantastic four
photoshoot set im just too excited with this one, they
don't have plans about doing a infinity wars movie
though, it's just an idea i just love playing with photoshop.

Tupac Shakur REMIXES

Sadly im too lousy to add the list of songs. Enjoy