Linggo, Hulyo 27, 2014

AVENGERS age of Ultron

daym nice!!! 

i can see Captain America, Thor, Iron man, Hulk, Hawk Eye,
Black widow, Quicksilver, Vision, and is that Scarlet witch?

Dancing Lolo

haha i just find it so funny.

Batman Tetsuya Nomura Version

Batman in a very different perspective. 

First Official picture of Gal Gadot as WoderWoman

and since im a lousy writer i will just copy paste the article below:

"Warner Bros. debuted the first image of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman this morning at Comic-Con International in San Diego as the actress joined her "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" co-stars Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill on stage in Hall H.

The reveal comes just two days after DC Entertainment released a new photo of Affleck as Batman in director Zack Snyder's film.

Gadot has reportedly signed on to three Warner Bros. projects, with the other two expected to be "Justice League" and a solo movie.

Opening May 6, 2016, "Batman v Superman, Dawn of Justice" also stars Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Jeremy Irons, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane."

Huwebes, Hulyo 24, 2014

STING surprise appearance at San Diego Comic con WWE EVENT

finally he's here.

I've made it clear I'd love to have one last hurrah, one last big match hopefully. And of course I've been outspoken about Undertaker being the opponent. I know what happened at WrestleMania where BrockLesnar broke his streak. I think, or at least I'm hoping, that Taker's still going to come back and that he's not done. If he's not done, and he would consider doing it, I'd love to work with him one time. I'd love to wrestle him one time before I call it quits.

now the question is, will The Undertaker still capable to give us the dream match of all time.

read the article here:

Biyernes, Hulyo 18, 2014

Earl Segui Photography

approved logo

logo studies...

x deal lang yan, i'll make logo for him and
he will take a shot of me hahaha

Huwebes, Hulyo 17, 2014

Flash Swim Club Logos study

study 1

study 2

STING on WWE2k15

Sting post a cryptic tweet 
"7-14-14" which is Monday


the video above pop's up
the ICON STING will be featured on WWE 2k15

although this is a disappointment to fans 
who want him to debut on RAW

STING being in a WWE game, this thing
this commercial
this feature is indeed CLASSIC!

Lunes, Hulyo 7, 2014

Badminton Session 7-7-14

Yon oh after what 13 years sumama samin si Kate my schoolmate way back in 
highschool the last time i saw her 2001 pa daym too long, buti nayaya at sumama :-)
Trashtalker haha YAY!

Immortal Technique

well what i got to say? i'm lovin this...
some underground shit

Dancing Asses

how can a normal guy ignore a bunch of dancing asses
i mean great dancers :) 

SRI on Sportsfest

Yon oh Solar fam sa Sportfest
at Ninoy Aquino Stadium July 1, 2014

ang aming muse

mr and ms Sportfest

Our Swimming team winning golds

oh yeah the SRI RED Cheering team

shy type lang ako eh dapat ako ang mr.sportfest LOL

Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake - Love Never Felt So Good

how one can ignore the greatness of a Legend.

Badminton Session 6-17-14

SRI RED Team Cheering competition performance

first ever na sumali ng Solar to Sportfest cheering competion
and although maraming mali naka tyamba pa to get the 1st runner up ayos :D


Cameraman....................... Mon
Video editor........................ Tear

Cheer Dancers

Janella Ann Marie Domingo
Louie Furio
Lalaine Grace Vergara
Clod Balomaga
Jamie Ann Nitura
Jessica Follero
Jennifer Yee
Jonathan Ombao
Mary Rose Basilio
Nympha Shielo Llamelo Jose
Racquel Alcober
Tear Cordez
Katherine Bequilla
Karloon Oville
Julie Ann Prudente

special thanks to
Carlo Salonga
Kuya Mar
Ms. Joy
Sir. Jun
Sir. Josef

Dr. Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch is the one to play Dr. Strange

read here:

just a fan art
how do i do it?
stock below:

whole body

Benedict Cumberbatch face



2pac and Notorious BIG

Legend never dies

ELMER (Gloc-9) Cover

is just like it, foreign people trying to cover OUR own
and not Pinoys trying to cover foreign ones.