Huwebes, Mayo 29, 2014

Himig ng pag ibig - Pio Balbuena feat. Lolita Carbon

most of the time people think that local hiphop is corny,
baduy etc, they always have something bad to say, but enter

PIO BALBUENA, this underground emcee is good, and 
have a bunch of quality music, may laman, may sense,
and i always see him as next to Gloc-9

and i was lucky to meet him personally too
this guys is so down to earth, so talented
so well deserved to be a top guy one day or in time
to the local hiphop scene or the music industry itself.

you don't believe me? listen to that song above.

USOK - D-coy Official Video

mga klase ng tagalog rap songs that makes me hook to this kinda music
kilala naman na si sir D-coy na talaga may quality kung gumawa ng kanta
and his rendition of USOK is a sh*t galing!
the video is dope too, it's inspiring, maganda rin ang acting nila Basillio
and Crazymix i just don't like the diploma of crazymix being shown in the near end
medyo di na kasi kailangan, o well the video is still dope, the music
wala akong masabi WIKA!!! o yeah i have this album too...

My new wallpaper

nope nope it didn't do it, but im a big fan of the jabbawockeez and
this one is my wallpaper lately :D ganda lang kasi astig


nothing much natawa lang ako.
see the similarities? 

PENTATONIX - Love again

PENTATONIX Amaze me again, now doing a original song titled "LOVE AGAIN"
listen and enjoy or hit the lyrics below:

"Love Again"
Taste the pain right on my tongue
Novocaine to make me numb
Don't you worry 'cause the night is young
Dance until the morning sun
Morning sun
Morning sun
Morning, morning, morning-ning-ning-ning-ning-ning

I am at a loss for words
Can't believe I let you pull me down to this place
You stole my heart and soul
Just to think that I had dried those tears from your face
I've played such a foolish game
Feeling you were everything to me and more
I don't mean to point the blame
But baby you have hurt me to my very core

You don't know why
You don't know how
You don't know when to love again
You let me in then shut me out
You have to learn to love again

Learn to love again [3x]

Take me away from here
To a place where my feelings don't go to waste
We were in the atmosphere
Flying high above the stars that shone in your face

So I'm running running baby from this hurting that you've given me
All through the night
Are we dancin' baby dancin' so your pretty face is hard to see
Tonight, tonight, tonight (Dancin' through the night)

You don't know why
You don't know how
You don't know when to love again
You let me in then shut me out
You have to learn to love again

Imma teach you how to love
Imma teach you
Imma teach you how to love
Imma teach you

Learn to love again (Imma teach you how to love)
Learn to love again (Imma teach you)
Learn to love again, love again, love again (Imma teach you to love)

Taste the pain right on my tongue
Novocaine to make me numb
Don't you worry 'cause the night is young
Dance until the morning sun

Taste the pain right on my tongue (You don't know why, you don't know how)
Novocaine to make me numb (You don't know when to love again)
Don't you worry 'cause the night is young (You let me in then shut me out)
Dance until the morning sun (You have to learn to love again)
Morning sun (Love again)
Morning sun (Love again)
Morning, morning sun (Love, love again)

Imma teach you how to love

You don't know why
You don't know how
You don't know when to love again
You let me in then shut me out
You have to learn to love again

BS May 2014 pictures muna

fast forward post ulit, this month Joy Joined us and sir Gilo
di lang namin sure if they can play with us regularly but are
very welcome, and they were damn good too, we wanna learn from them...

parang batang galing sa labas lang haha

Enzo x Joy x Rain x Carlo x Laine x Louie x Erima x Tear

PENTATONIX Daft Funk rendition

PENTATONIX is getting better and better with their rendition
this time they do a medley of Daft Funks hits and the video is dope too.
watch and enjoy


dahil kasali si Mam che to singles badminton and sir RGA and Carlo to doubles sa aming sportfest we played thursday for the first time. pero lima lang kami kaya sobrang paguran o well the games are good maganda ang laro namin today.

me and sir Clod

yet again di ko napost sa youtube lahat ng vids...

BS April 2014

Carlo x Mam Che x Rain x sir Francis x Enzo x Sir Richard x Sir RGA x Tear

so fast forward ako ng konti di ko na inisa isa.

Christian x Louie x Carlo x Mam Grace x Enzo x Mam Annie x Tear

BS 4-1-14

today nakalaro namin si Kurt kaibigan ni Neal magaling astig.

mga videos wala sa youtube ko :-(

ang trademark move ni NEAL :D

BS 3-17-14

naging more into videos na kami less pictures na.
videos like this below:

BS 3-10-14

Reens x Tear x Erima x Riko

the badminton session last time 3-4-14 ay puro videos pala
kaya di ko na napost i might post it on a different blog entry
anyways today 8 kami pero itong batch sa taas ang 2nd game,
pero it's not really a serious game to me, as i am more like teaching them
kapal ng mukha eh noh ako pag talaga nagturo o well.

BS 2-25-14

mantakin mo di ko na pala na post post ang mga badminton
haha tagal na nito o well post
overload ulit nyahaha..

Alam kong ikaw na nga

isang lumang kanta, na compose ko way nung 2012, again
using a certain beat, i wish to one day sing it or at least hear
someone sing it o well ngarap parin. 


my 2nd compose song this year, di ko akalain makaka compose ako agad
ang boring kasi sa byahe, while listening to a certain beat
it tells me to write this song. again walang basehan, and yung chorus
matagal na yan sa isip ko sumakto lang ulit dito sa kanta so i add it here
then boom 1 down :-)

with Misa Campo

i remember nag edit ako ng picture before that im with her...
but now this thing is fo real haha. she's real
i forgot kung kelan to pero ito ay sa glorientta
when i was roaming around searching for gifts.

tangkad nya and so nice to her fans.

Biyernes, Mayo 23, 2014

Kapitan Sino POSTER

Nabasa ko na dati binasa ko ulit, and now what pop's to mind while reading it
is this, here are my cast of Bob Ong's KAPITAN SINO

 Enrique Gil as Rogelio Manglicmot/Kapitan Sino/Super Strength
Jason Gainza as Bok-Bok
Julia Montes as Teng/Tessa
Mutya Orquia as Ging Ging

una kong naisip na bida ay si Coco Martin pero nagampanan nya na ang isang superhero
and he played it very well, and while searching for pictures
nakita ko rin na pwede pala si JC de vera, naisip ko rin na pwede si Neil Coleta
bilang si bok bok dahil mapang asar sya pero mas bagay talaga si Jason anyways
wala nakong ibang maisip to play Teng and Ging ging bagay na bagay kasi sa dalawa

this poster above is just an idea hindi po ito totoo.

sino nga ba si Kapitan sino?
grab this on anybook store nearby (yan libre promote)

sorry kay Ultraman sa pag gamit ko ng kanyang image. 
so PANO nga ba ginawa ang poster nato?

here's how:

left image is a Toy os Ultraman(i forgot kung sinong ultraman though)

Jason's pic na nakuha ko sa facebook

Mutya's pic na nakuha ko from google

i think nakuha ko tong pic tru her FB
credits to the orginal photographer

background one na naharangan ng effects and filters

classic pero hindi bagay sa costume na BLACK CONVERSE SNEAKERS

background 2 na kuwaring PALAEZ(google lang din)
credits to the photographer

serious face ni Enrique

the hair that i used na mas bagay kay Rogelio Manglicmot

So there! :-)