Huwebes, Pebrero 27, 2014

Jabbawockeez REGENERATE

awesome short movie by the Jabbawockeez
im not so sure if this will be a full movie in the future
but it looks great, i love the effects they did with the mask
ala SPAWN and with mask they have some sort of special abilities
obviously it's Dancing Prowess. 

@ TBS Keep it gangsta party

Dzhire Uno x Teardrop

di ako gangsta at hindi magiging
but im with TBS last time and still enjoy the event
the respect and love of the people around
kanya kanyang side lang naman ang pinaka importante
palagi ay ang salitang RESPETO.

with Direk Edrex angas nito

The Best of DMX

RAW, best of hiphop

Undertaker Returns 2014


Wrestlemania XXX is on.

Niño 3D

made by a good friend of mine FRANCIS Abella using Zbrush
thanks mamen, nicely done astig ka!

Linggo, Pebrero 23, 2014

Justice League of America Movie Poster (fan-made)

and i thought i was done doing this fan made poster, 
the more i make one that more i like to do another haha
dito sa taas na poster i tried to hide the actors(since wala pa naman tlagang actors)
for the upcoming movie, but this one below kita na sila
ung some efforts, and some actors from other tv shows and google haha
anyways like it or not it's done.

i don't own any of the character designs, it's just a fan made poster.

Huwebes, Pebrero 20, 2014

Justice League Movie Poster 2

natuwa ako sa first poster na ginawa ko so i made another one
using google again to find better pics anyways i used this for Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman

and Batman and Superman is somewhere in google sorry i don't have links,
backgrounds are 3 different destroyed city and to add a drama
i put texture too. btw this movie poster IS STILL a fan made only. 

Martes, Pebrero 18, 2014

Justice League Movie Poster

since na inspire ako sa mga posters that i've seen, i made one as well
wala pa naman tlaga JLA movie poster, di parin sila kumpleto ng casting
so i just put the 3 sure actors/actress in this poster, 
i also added DARKSEID wala lang parang bitin kasi ung poster eh

Posters etc

so today im looking for a theme but end up seeing this exciting posters
im not sure if the posters below are real poster or just fan made, 
i might be both.  well it inspired me to make one too and my take will 
be posted on the next entry. enjoy the ones that i see today

im a fan of the first movie, if this one is true i can't wait to watch it.

a fan made but very nicely done

seems authentic to me i love this one.

when everyone was into this Batman vs Superman
this edited Batman movie poster is very clever.

seems a all star cast to me, but wolverine wearing that
classic yellow and black that would be dope.

oooppp mostly superhero movie poster noh? :D im a fan

The Best of Kendrick Lamar

i never been into a new school rap artist
till i get to know KENDRICK LAMAR
if you follow my blog regularly you will
notice that i post alot about this guy, for me
he just happen to represent the new school
he is the KING, might be the torch bearer of
West coast hip-hop. this collection of tracks are
my own favorites and the picture is my layout too.


Badminton Sessions 2-17-14

Louie x Tear x mam Arvie x Rhina x Pol

so i did post it on our bulletin visiting other employee to join us
sa pag lalaro ng badminton every monday and somehow someway
the mini advertisement works, the regular players are still there,
Louie join the party, Rhina and Pol did play again
sir Richard also join the bandwagon and Riko and Erima is in the house as well
although they didn't play, sadly though wala naman si sir RGA.
btw other pictures below:

Erima is super busy trying to beat a score sa flappy bird


Riko, Tear, Rhina, Louie

Sir Richard and sir Pongs

Vs Neal and Enzo

sir Pongs, sir Richard, Neal, Riko, Erima, Louie

makaporma kala mo ang husay ano?

Louieboy and Tear(me)

Louie, Tear, Rhina, Pol

the jollibee kids nyahaha

oh diba mas marami mas maganda :D

Love Struck event @ The Villas

pag samahin ang former and new Marketing Department

Gershon x Sir Jerrey x Missy x Tear x sir Jm

this day meron simultaneous event to both North and South
and we are here at South to join the event, 
lucky bumisita at sumama sila sir Jerrey at Gershon

with Mam Krizan

with the former Graphic Artist Gershon

pormang hip-hop ano?

Lunes, Pebrero 17, 2014

Jogging 2-2-14

di na sunod sunod ung post ko tinatamad mag blog haha
anyways this day apat kami ako, si pareng mel, senia at jovy.
and somehow someway OT si mon kaya kasama sya sa picture haha.

btw this night meron malaking heart sa Ayala triangle
syempre for the celebration of the hearts day
and there's also a concert na pinangungunahan ni Martin Nievera
i have some blurred shots of that one too.

wala sa plano pero libreng nood ng concert COOL!

Biyernes, Pebrero 14, 2014

Hulk Hogan

i just love this picture

anyways copy paste from wikipedia profile below:

Terry Gene Bollea[5] (born August 11, 1953), better known by his ring name Hulk Hogan, is an American semi-retired professional wrestler, actor, television personality, entrepreneur, and musician. Hogan enjoyed mainstream popularity in the 1980s and 90s as the all-Americancharacter Hulk Hogan in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE), and as "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan, the villainous nWo leader, in World Championship Wrestling (WCW). A regular pay-per-view headliner in both organizations, Hogan closed the respective premier annual events of the WWF and WCW, WrestleMania and Starrcade, on multiple occasions. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2005. He was signed toTotal Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) from 2010 until 2013, where he was the on-screen General Manager.[6]
Hulk Hogan is a 12-time world champion being a six-time WWF/E Champion and six-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion. He is the third longest combined reigning WWF Champion of all time (after Bruno Sammartino, and Bob Backlund), the longest-reigning champion of the 1980s, and holds two of the ten longest title runs in WWF/E history, having held the title for 1,474 days from 1984-1988 (the fourth longest reign of all time) and 364 days from 1989 to 1990 (the 9th longest reign of all time). He is also the longest-reigning WCW World Heavyweight Champion of all time, with a 469-day reign from 1994-1995. Hogan won the Royal Rumble in 1990 and 1991, making him the first man to win two consecutive Royal Rumbles.

more here: