Sabado, Nobyembre 30, 2013

Paul Walker Rest In Peace

so i found out today that Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker is now dead.
STILL can't believe it, still hoping this is not true. :-(

below is a printscreen news from


copy paste article here:

"Paul Walker, best known for his role in the The Fast and the Furious movies, is dead at 40.
The actor reportedly died after a single-car accident and explosion in Santa Clarita, California, reports TMZ.
According to the website, another passenger was in the car with Paul and also lost their life.
“According to multiple sources connected to Paul ... the actor was in a Porsche when the driver somehow lost control and slammed into a post or a tree ... and then the car burst into flames,” writes TMZ.
It is unclear who was behind the wheel of the car when the accident happened.
Sources say the star was in town for a Philippines typhoon charity effort. He was reportedly taking friends for a ride in his Porsche GT when the accident happened, during one of the test spins.
Law enforcement is apparently still on the scene, and the L.A. County Coroner's Office is also on the way.
Walker had one child – daughter Meadow Rain, 15, with ex-girlfriend Rebecca McBrain.
© Cover Media"

REINCARNATED (ft. Snoop Dogg): Official Full Documentary

REINCARNATED (ft. Snoop Dogg): Official Full... by PayeTaChatte

hope they wont delete this one
para pwedeng panoorin to my blog anytime :-)

i became more of a fan of Snoop Dogg after watching this documentary
i mean Snoop Lion now

learn the story behind the transformation
were snoop travel to Jamaica to learn the culture

yeah he didn't just make a switch he travels, he learn the struggles
thats how versatile he is.

sinabi nya rin jan na pwede nyang gumawa ng reggae track
as album nya kung gugustuhin nya
he can still make millions in the rap game
but he decided to choose another path
because rap is no challenge to him anymore
at hindi lang basta bastang gusto nya mag switch
he didn't do it overnight

and obviously now doing it for money. listen to the new vibe
appreciate the lyrics this one is DOPE!!!

"Money makes a man and that's a crime
If we all were rich, we'd spend more time"

Positivity, Love, Struggle

Miyabi is someone like a cultural icon

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.....‪#‎mariaozawa‬ ‪#‎miyabi‬"

sometimes you wonder why this lovely lady do p*rn
pero in the end of the day you will realized thats
what makes her famous.
and now shes using that fame into something cool
like sending good vibes and quotes

now it seems those perverts i mean fans listen hehe

One Mic - Nas

nothing new i just miss this classic track 
napakingan ko lang ulit sa shuffle ko this for me makes NAS
one of the greatest MC. 

with 3DMe Nov 29,2013

so a reunion of sort huh?
pumayat na si beck(nope she is shrinking haha)
maiksi na buhok ni tear at tumataba na
tumatangkad na si Cris (oooppps dinadaya tau ng boots)
si Mary? anong bago mary? 
at absent sila Malou, Frank at Edz
guys pls sama naman kayo minsan
kaya di ako masyadong sumasama sa inyo dati kasi naman puro kayo girls
and you guys know i hate explaining. anyways 

astig ng Moonstar 88 and other bands too yeah!!!
till next time

Chris x Beck(yep si betchay pumayat na naku)

Mary x Tear 

Mary x Chris x Beck

see how can i post this huh? hahaha uy penge nung group pics ayt dagdag ko dito
see you guys again. i might drop sa office sometime.

Biyernes, Nobyembre 22, 2013

Superhero din pag may time

Shiela as Rogue
Missy as Mystique
Melai as She-hulk
Mira as Jubilee
Neal as Hulk
Tear as Spiderman
Chris as Thor

Huwebes, Nobyembre 21, 2013

What if? Wrestlemania 30

another something that was floating around facebook?

so what if this two era collide?
John Cena VS Hulk Hogan
theres actually a possibility that this will happen

and hopefully so does the one i made before
my very own dream match(i mean dream of every wrestling fan)

if they can book this 2 dream match above this Wrestlemania will beat 
any Wrestlemania record, hopefully they can include a Stone Cold VS CM Punk too...

and others like

The Shield VS The Wyatt Family
The Rock vs Brock Lesnar
Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton
Goldust vs Cody Rhodes
Brock vs Ryback

or do purchase TNA
and make CM punk vs AJ Styles
Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles
CM Punk vs Austin Aries
CM Punk VS Samoa Joe

and fuck it Give Dolph Ziggler a chance.

Rap God - Eminem official video

still gives me goosebumps 
indeed a RAP GOD!!!

Teardrop on Def Jam

it's not that im a narcissist or something but everytime there's a game were you
can create a character of course you will create yourself. 
this one (although hindi naman tlga ako ganyan kaputi)
is a reflection of me, you know Hoodie Dude haha. 
i wish i fight like this but nope, it's been a while since the last time
na nakipagsapakan ako hahaha.

Kim Domingo FB Banner

so today i tried doing a simple FB Banner for Miss Kim Domingo,
we actually didn't know one another, nakikita ko lang sya sa mga blogs,
then i search over her sa facebook and find out that she is a model / celebrity
kinda thing, well she's so fine, she's alot of fans and followers, 
obviously i became one of them, (pero bago lang and i don't watch TV so know nothing)
gusto ko mag layout para lang may malagay sa porfolio ko
just in case, i did this one(actually hindi yan ung unang version) and send it to her
and since i can't add her(maybe there's too many request) she did add me up
and till we finalized this banner.

and she now used it and give a shout out too.
so it's like a give and take kinda thing,
nakatulong nako sa kanya,
nadagdagan ko pa porfolio ko. (the main purpose)

Basta Para Sayo - Teardrop

isa pang lumang composition since wala naman tlga akong bagong gawa haha
isang kanta na walang pinagbasehang beat so acapella palang tlaga sya
yet again it's old 2001-2003 ata luma na

Tarps Solar supports the Earth 2013

have you ever been in DasmariƱas area and see this giant tarp? 
ako ang may kagagawan nyan hahhaha

Sabihin Mo - Teardrop

isa pang lumang kong kanta maybe way back 2000-2001 
i was planning to sing or record this one with my pinsan Gladys 
hopefully we can make it before this year end 
antagal na nito, i need to share this to the world.

V as Vegitarian

yep, it's me wearing the classic Vendetta Mask

Stone Cold Steve Austin Fan art

not so sure who made this one, i find over facebook and i really
find it so COOL!!!

Ikaw - Teardrop

isa sa mga composition way back maybe 2000's or something
can't really remember share ko lang.

Heroes of the Storm™ Cinematic Trailer

are you a gaming fan? if yes then i don't need a introduction...
if not well theres this thing called PC(folks) i mean PC gaming, and theres
this BLIZZARD entertainment, if you still don't know them DAMN! search it in google
to make the story short they made this 3 Legendary games in PC
Diablo, Starcraft and Warcraft(DOTA anyone)

and this one above? is called Heroes of the Storm
to make it short again, BLIZZARD made all of the their franchise go
head to head with one another, how? i don't know but i will also share a gameplay below

imagine the one above where Terran soldier and Ghost fight Diablo himself 

anyways below is the gameplay

UFC St-Pierre vs Hendricks

it's been awhile since the last time i watch UFC, i remember watching the first ever
and to my amusement the very champion of UFC 1 is in the crowd the Legendary Royce Gracie
anyways this is their 20th anniversary and the cards is full of good fights
pero the main event is kinda confusing, St-Pierre is good but i really believe
he lost this pay-per-view o well some things are strange.

Linggo, Nobyembre 10, 2013

White Ranger vs Scorpion SUPER POWER BEAT DOWN

obviously without those gigantic robots, white ranger won't stand a chance
but since this is Tommy himself, thats why White Ranger wins
anyways nice reveal.

btw i realized na dalawa pala ang ending nito haha mas kumbinsido ako to this ending :D

Sabado, Nobyembre 9, 2013

Hiphop inspired Games

since i love hiphop and i love games

i realized that im playing most of the games na medyo hip hop related pala
if not atleast have a little something about it. this blog entry is about those games
with a little hiphop flava in it. :D

B-BOY (console: PSP)

this one is kinda obvious since B-boying is a part of the element of hiphop
this game features boy steps, hiphop soundtracks, even clothing everything
about this game is Hip-hop inspired.

Thrasher: Skate and Destroy(console Ps1)

this one is kinda old but i really love this game, actually this game
is about skate, skateboards, tricks, pero the game
have a lot of hiphop elements to it. most specially the game soundtrack
from Run DMC or other classic track you will surely enjoy this game,

DefJam Fight for NY: The Takeover (console PSP)

so lately ko lang nalaro tong game nato
this game is about fighting(wrestling genre) sya actually
but most likely this is about fighting in the streets,
nope not battle rap, not b-boying, not beat boxing
nor dj-ing this is about FIST! 

basagan ng ulo astig to! specially the blazing moves DAYM!

Free Running (console PSP)

out of nowhere, free running became somehow related to hiphop
but i think it fits well to that culture, syempre it's a style
the swag of performing it, the clothing and the soundtrack of
this game is more inspired by Hiphop.

Fight Night Round 3 (console Psp)

Fight night is actually a boxing game, a cool one
it is one of the best boxing game i ever play in my life(fo real)
the best thing about it is that you can play the Fighting Pride of the
Philippines in this game as well yup! Manny Pacquiao

and so as the soundtrack of this game!
yep that makes it listed here.

Need for speed underground (console PC)

Need for speed is one of the few racing games na talaga subok na
when you speak about Need for speed you already know that it is 
a good racing game, this game have a good hiphop soundtrack
specially that Nate dogg's Keep it coming(Classic sh*t men)

50 cent bulletproof (console psp)

well i can't talk about this game yet
since di ko pa sya actually nalalaro, na try ko palang ung umpisa
obviously it features 50 cent,  and G-unit.
enough said.

Dance Central (Xbox) / Just Dance / 
Dance Dance Revolution and any dancing game
(console arcades)

although classic na ang DDR, i will talk about Dance Central from Xbox
since it's the one that i enjoyed most, using Kinect technology
Dance central might be the best ever Dance Game that you can experience
next to Just Dance(na di ko pa nasusubukan)
this game not only features good tracks from different genre's
that can make you dance, it will make you move all your body
from your head to foot, while enjoying this game is a good exercise too.

Wu Tang Shaolin Style (console PS1)

this game features artist of the Wu Tang Clan
from Method Man, Redman to Rza and everyone
and ofcourse it features Wu tang soundtracks
this game is kinda gory and i believe that makers
of this game are the same makers of Mortal Kombat.
btw nice finishing moves.

True Crime: Streets of LA 

honestly i have no clue about this game, but this game
features Snoop Dogg, the game was actually a rip off
or inspired by GTA.

and speaking of GTA...

GTA San Andreas (console PC)

the very classic game, that inspired alot of games,
it was actually a game that gamers look up to
i believe that this game is a complete package as well
it's free roaming, you can enjoy this game without even doing a
single mission(but ofcourse you can't finish that game)
the cheats are cool, the violence, the realism, and everything
in between, the game features hiphop soundtracks(and others as well)
a languages and life of a ghetto.

Hot Coffee anyone? :D

btw Saints Row and Gangster Rio have the same
concepts so might be Hiphop related games as well.
there's alot more hiphop inspired games for sure but this ones above
are the ones that i already played and enjoyed. 

btw i also notice that most NBA games, or Basketball game
are hiphop inspired as well as Boxing games, 

sana madagdagan ko pa ang wala namang bilang na list :D
spread the word fo shizzle dizzle.