Linggo, Setyembre 2, 2012

I like, They Hate

marami akong gusto na hindi gusto ng iba, it's okey as long as people don't disrespect pero minsan they do, di nalang ako nag rereact pero minumura ko na sila sa utak ko LOL.

anyways these are the some things i like that they hate:


why they hate: because it's fake, it's scripted, it's boring, there's no blood, it's not a sport, name it people have alot of bad things to say about wrestling.

why i like:  well why not? it's a soap opera for guys, it's a never ending story telling beat the other guy type of thing, specially when you were a fan during the wwf attitude

era everything about wrestling is cool! even the bad finger became something cool, and it's not fake(maybe moves are fake or not really applied the way it should be but how can

you fake a bump from a 20 feet ladder or steel cage)yes it is scripted, wrestlers know who will win or loose before even the match is started. And it's not boring it's like

watching movie, we know it's not real but we still enjoy it. it's actually one of the best job in the world (where you can travel around the world WEEKLY) it's also the hardest

(traveling WEEKLY not having time for family), and the thing about not having blood, there's a point in wrestling history were in some match are brutal that wrestlers used to

bleed themselves using little blade hidden somewhere their wrist tape etc.(yes that's their own blood) not because wrestling is scripted makes it not cool, have you ever watch

Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, and Survivor Series? it's fun to watch.


why they hate: pambata daw, pang isip bata, di nila maintindihan ung lengwahe

why i like: it's unique, stories that might never happen to real life is something that i love to see, you know a girlfriend in your own right hand (Midori days), Fighting

Ninjas (Naruto), killing people by writing their names (Death Note) and alot More!!!


artwork by EL PINOY

why they hate: 
again pambata daw, dahil sa internet, mas masarap daw manood, i remember someone told me "nakakabobo daw" etc.

why i like:
NAKAKABOBO WTF!!!! i learn alot from comics!!!
comics is something i did enjoy when i was a kid, special mention (LOCAL)

Funny Comics, Bata-batuta, Dragon Boy, and alot more, this comic character became my heroes,

they inspire me, mas lalo akong nahilig mag drawing kaka kopya ko sa kanila, i enjoy their adventures, ung mga noon at ngayon and mr, & mrs funny thing i love em all, not to

mention the foreign comics na talaga naman well respected around the world. people used to hate comics but it's funny how many people watch The Avengers.


why they hate:
violence, bad words, it's not the type of music they like, dissing people, disrespecting fellow artist, beefs, promoting drugs, sex, etc..

why i like: all those things they hate about rap maybe true, and it's actually a part of Rap music that we can't change, kunsabagay we can't force somebody to like Hip-hop or

Rap Music, but for me it's the best music in the world, Rap can be added to any type of genre, you can add it to a Band/Metal music and it will be Rap Metal(Rage against the

machine, Limp bizkit, Linkin Park, Quezo) you can add it to a ballad song and it will be Rap Ballad ( Urban Flow, and there's a hundreds of artist who do the same) it can' be

added to a reggae music and it will be something what Shaggy do. you can add it to any type of music, and the best thing about it you can even shout your name in a rap track,
beef in hiphop is something we can't stop, but it's also one of the good thing(depending on the situation) because it make the compition or the rap game itself healthy, some of

the artist that are involve in a diss track became better because they were mentally challenge but the other artist who diss them. i can go on and explain this culture as long

as i want but i know that i can't force this music to anyone.


THE DNG and i was the one wearing white long sleeve
with the black hair.

why they hate:  again pambata, magastos, Parang tanga lang(sa mga makikitid ang utak), costume party daw

why i like: 
 i remember the first time i cosplay i did "L" of death note and i enjoy it, ito ung time that you are a different person, you are potraying a certain character
which makes you forget the real you in some time, kung may problema ka eto ung time that you will forget about it, cosplay world is cool, people are nice and did enjoy anyones

crazyness. hindi na ko gano active sa cosplay and i never was something popular but in my own way and with my friends i did enjoy those moments na hindi ako AKO! and oh i hate

the fact the people thing Mirtle is the one who started cosplay in the philippines. i don't know who, i don't care who did, but Mirtle HELL NO! haha

i know that i can make people like that i like, as i don't like some of the things that they like either that's normal ganun tlaga buhay respetohan lang sana ng mga opinion, if you don't like what you see then don't look at it, kung wala kang sasabihing maganda sa isang bagay then just shut up :-) end of story.

The Amazing Spiderman (IPAD Game)

okey i just finished this cool game THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN in Ipad, at first i find it hard to play this game because im not so used to play using TOUCH SCREEN (which is the next big thing in gaming) i wanna finish the game again because i feel like i just beat it by luck, i once feature Prototype(PC GAME) in this blog, and i like it (the free roaming kind of game) this game is exactly the same but the best thing about it is YOUR SPIDERMAN!!!

again if you love free roaming game you will love this one, you can swing through buildings, jump higher, dive to the sky, run faster, throw web, save people and fight bad guys this game is for you.

 o well check this poor quality video to see the game play. :-)


oh this is the ending part(kinda boring movie credits type of thing)
o yeah i bought the black suit for 20,000 (game money)



this game have the best graphics i've seen from other spiderman games, the only problem i have with this one is that the game seems to be short, and sometimes the game is repetitive, specially the side missions (car crush, terrorist bombs, fighting criminals, and peter parker assignment) i wish there are mission were in you will be just peter parker (without costume) etc...

btw peter parker assignment is kinda cool, were in you will be taking pictures of spiderman himself depending on the angle you want.