Linggo, Hulyo 29, 2012

Rey Mysterio In Manila

so yeah here's the thing FOX PHILIPPINES made this one possible to have a
 chance to meet him you need to make a Rey Mysterio mask.

and ofcourse i did, i was dying to meet him
heres my entry: 

My Nephew

i made four(to have 4 entries)
and ofcourse we are the chosen few.

Rey Mysterio invades manila Yesterday July 28,2012 
and im so happy to be able to meet the ultimate underdog, the little big man
the master of the 619 :D yeah

i was able to shake his hands and tell him that i've been watching him since WCW days
he was happy and saying "oh really you've been watching my career since then?"

and presenting... the Money Shot :D


Linggo, Hulyo 15, 2012


RUN the movie

a photomanip by yours truly.

Caricature Commish #2

yet again another Caricature,
di nga lang caricature na caricature, whatever :D

Caricature Commish #1

my Sister ask me to do this buti nalang may oras ako dun sa isang work haha, 
im happy to be able to do this in 1 day maybe 2-3 hours
(usually sa katamaran ko i can't do artwork faster anymore) 

Tupac fan art

an old fan art i made.
straight pen